Manhattan (1979) Review

pCMB7TD0YgJune 15, 2020

You know the scariest part about seeing a Woody Allen movie with him in the role is that right after I’ve seen this movie I was talking to some friends in the dining hall and I felt like I was talking like Woody Allen. 

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Manhattan is a 1979 film, written directed and stars Woody Allen. He plays 42 year old Isaac Davis who was a writer for a comedy show and his dating 17-year old Tracy played by Meryl Hemingway, which is completely creepy. But then he meets and falls in love with Mary, played by Diane Keaton. The two of them click and start dating each other in the beautiful island of Manhattan, or at least that’s how Woody Allen portrays Manhattan. 

This movie reminds me very much of midnight in Paris, except it’s in New York City. Even though midnight Paris is still my favorite Woody Allen movie, this is still a good one. This is the second movie he made after the Best Picture Award winning Annie Hall. 

At the beginning of the movie Allen gives this very old-school vibe to New York City, as if it takes place in the 1930s Great Depression. The cinematography is all black and white and the movie even opens up with George Gershwin’s Rhapsody and blues, which really makes you feel like you’re in the 1930s.

The movie itself is very funny and has a great amount of humor, it’s very much characterized by that Woody Allen charm and since this is the third Woody Allen movie I’ve seen, I’m starting to pick up on his traits and most of those traits are the script and dialogue. The second Woody Allen starts speaking I’m like, yep Woody Allen wrote this dialogue it’s a Woody Allen movie all right.

There’s a lot of other old music that plays in the movie mainly from George Gershwin because Woody Allen always likes to give his movies or at least the three I’ve seen a old classic Hollywood kind of vibe. Blue Jasmine had a lot of music that felt like you’re in the 1920s or 30s and Manhattan has a bunch of George Gershwin music. The performances are also good Woody Allen is Woody Allen, Diane Keaton is really good and you can’t have an old Woody Allen movie without Diane Keaton in it somewhere. Mainly the second lead and Merrill Hemingway are really good throughout the whole movie.

Another actor who’s really good is a young Meryl Streep because… come on it’s Meryl Streep, she’s one of the greatest actresses of all time. I did have some problems with this movie though, I feel like some scenes repeat themselves and dialogues that seemed to state what’s already been said several scenes before. One thing that I actually don’t have a complaint about are the long shots. Some might argue that they just go on for too long but that’s a credit to the actors, who are able to carry out their scenes and lines in these long takes.

The ending also brought me back or made me think of the horrible ending of blue Jasmine, but in Manhattan this move actually makes sense, given the circumstances of Diane Keaton’s character. Without spoiling anything ill leave it at : it makes sense and is organic to a plot and it may not end in a very light-hearted way, but it doesn’t leave you depressed in the end like blue Jasmine did. 

It’s not something that just comes out of nowhere, just to put a character back in a shitty situation like in blue Jasmine. I’m sorry I I hate to keep coming back on it but I absolutely hate that ending, absolutely hate that ending the more I think about it the more I dislike the movie itself, but enough about Blue Jasmine.
That is not the case with Manhattan.


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