The Artist Movie Review

pCMB7TD0YgJune 12, 2020

The Artist is a film that you’re going to hear a lot more about later than you likely already have, and that’s one of the reasons why I sought it out when I went to New York.

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The Artist is a silent film made in 2011, it plays just like the old silent films. It’s even in 4×3 full screen frame which is, you know, unheard of nowadays. It’s fully in black and white, almost entirely just music and you get the title cards of what people are saying. It’s about an actor and an aspiring actress and the dawn of the talkies. The main actor in this film is very much in his silent movie and when the talkies come he doesn’t want any part of it. He thinks that it is just going to be a stupid phase that will eventually die out and that silent films is where the real art is.  As we know, that’s not how it goes.

Things get really hard for him and the aspiring actress who he met on one of his silent films, she’s into the talkies and she likes them and becomes very popular. A lot of people are saying this is one of the best movies of the year 2011, if not the best movie of the year.

I think it’s a excellent film and it’s really a film for hardcore film lovers or people who just love the older film experience. As an average viewer that has no idea of this movies, going in might be a little harder. But hopefully you’ll enjoy it.

The actors in this movie are able to portray that old style of acting you know. Everything is over exaggerated and that, done very nicely. I think I could maybe even show this movie to someone and trick them into thinking that it was an older film. It’s very very good at recreating that older style.

There’s something intriguing about this movie and it’s got something about it that kind of sticks with you after you see it, it makes you interested in maybe seeing it again. It goes without saying that the musical part is wonderful and this is a perfect opportunity for a composer to shine because you know : 

„Hey would you like to compose a film where basically your music is the only thing we hear?“ 

„Yeah definitely, that’ll be a good opportunity for me to shine “

Also great in this movie is the dancing. There are some really good dance numbers in this movie and some really catchy tunes also. There really isn’t anything about the movie that I can’t recommend. Everything is strong, the directing, the acting, the way the story is told is a little different too. 

I’ve never really seen a movie with a plot like this and obviously very rarely do we get silent films nowadays. 


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